Bierstachel / Beer spike - tradition designed in a new way


With the Bierstachel you can enjoy warm foam with a cold beer. This is an experience that you won´t forget.


Suitable beers for this event:

Dark beers with a large amount of shugar, Bockbeer, Weizenbockbeer


Little movie from the Beer Stachel:


Thanks to Jusics for the music ( )


Instruction for use:

  • Put your beer with little foam into your glass
  • Heat the ball of the Kugelstachel e.g. with a soldering equipment
  • Please put the hot ball completely into the beer
  • The ball generates a fine foam. When there are about 2 cm foam take the Kugelstachel out of the beer. It needs just a few seconds
  • Put the Kugelstachel on a fireproof and a heat-resistant pad
  • Now the beer is cool and the foam is warm. Don´t wait too long for drinking.
  • Cheers!


Please note the fire safety instructions! Just use admitted heat sources! Please have a look of the residual heat and do not place the Kugelstachel onto flammable or heat-sensitive items. This Kugelstachel is only for use as described above.

After using the Kugelstachel the ball change to dark colour. Please clean the Kugelstachel with water.


To give you an idea of the Bierstachel, there are some fotos. You can get the Kugelstachel in 3 sizes. The small one for about 1-2 beers, the middle one for about 3-4  and the large one for about 5 beers.

Every Bierstachel will be packed in a wooden box. So you have a wonderful present for a friend.














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