Ball Bukanter - a universal tool for spirits, oil, vinegar, beer and much more

The innovation for connoiceurs and experts

The Ball Bukanter fits perfectly for nearly all types of liquors: cask stored spirits like Whiky, Sherry, Port and Beer. It is also perfect for tasting food oil and vinegar.

The spray generated aroma rotates in the ball and allows to enjoy its increased intensity.

After testing the aroma, trasfer the liquid to an appropriate glass and enjoy it conventionally.

Fine and subtle aromas which usually hide behind the smell of alcohol are presented clearly by a Ball Bukanter.


To make an aroma part of the atmosphere, a large Ball Bukanter is a wonderful tool for. The large volume gives space for powerful impressions.

With continuous pressure, the largest Ball Bukanter is perfect for transporting the character from a liquid into the areas of life. Just use your favourite spirit or a few drops of essential oil to give a room your personal note.

First pump - then smell!

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