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Price list           (excluding tax and shipping costs)

Ball Bukanter in a wooden box      105,04 € each  (Art. Nr. 010702a)

Ball Bukanter XXL                        on request       (Art. Nr. 010705)

Wine Bukanter in a wooden box   105,04 € each   (Art. Nr. 010701a)

Bierstachel small                         33,61 € each     (Art. Nr. 010711)

Bierstachel middle sized               37,82 € each     ( Art. Nr. 010712)

Bierstachel large                         42,02 € each     (Art. Nr. 010713)

Gas Blower                                25,62 € each      (Art. Nr. 010719)

including 3 middle sized spikes,
gas blowpipe and station             400,- € each      (Art. Nr. 010722)

Essence of Beer small                 158,82  Set    (Art. Nr. 010715)

Essence of Beer middle               200,84 € Set    (Art. Nr. 010716)

Essence of Beer large                 242,86 € Set    (Art. Nr. 010717)

Aroma Set                                 42,02 € each      (Art. Nr. 010720)


If you need more information or more pieces, please contact us. There is the opportunity for a graduation of prices.

Every Ball Bukanter and Essence is exclusively manufactured in manual hand work. Only best DURAN® 1) glass is used for the glassware to guarantee its special robustness and shapeliness.

The Bukanter and the Essence can be cleaned easily and fast on behalf of the imperishable material and the open structure. Furthermore they are dishwasher safe.

The Bierstachel is only for using in the way described.


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